Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hello, Blogosphere!  This is my very first post, and I feel it is appropriate to detail what this blog will be about.  

My name is Mackenzie, and I am a scientist.  Am I employed as a scientist? No, but I believe everyone, whether they're a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator or an elementary school child mixing vinegar and baking soda, is capable of living and thinking as a scientist.  My hope is that one day I will finish my scientific academic pursuits by gaining admission to graduate school, but until then I will continue to approach life in a scientific manner.

It is in this manner that I approach this blog.  I've seen around the web a great deal of food and exercise blogs detailing the struggles and triumphs of the journey towards a healthy life, both in body and mind.  Many of these bloggers have inspiring stories that give others hope and inspiration to make a story of their own.  As an aspiring blogger and healthy life liver, I have seen a plethora of diet fads and information.  While everyone agrees that get-thin-quick programs aren't successful nor healthy, it seems that many good intentioned people fall into healthy fad traps regardless of the extent of their knowledge. 


With my background and knowledge of human evolution, desire to be scientific in my pursuit of healthy living, and passion for educating others, I hope to shed some light on eating and exercising fads that even most healthy bloggers think are okay.  I also intend to look at fads, scientific studies, anecdotal evidence, etc. in the light of evolution as not only is that where my expertise lies, but as Theodosius Dobzhanksy puts it, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light evolution."  I intend to reformat this famous quote as, "Nothing in the human diet and physiology makes sense except in the light evolution."

I hope that this blog finds its way to individuals who will find it useful as well as insightful.  Perhaps occasionally funny or inspiring... but let's not get carried away.  :)

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  1. Can I also just say that you are awesome for believing in evolution. I have run into quite a few ignorant people lately, and it pisses me off how they "refuse to believe in it." It's science! Ahhhh! ;) Looking forward to reading more!!!